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We LOVE Designing! Contact us for personalized jewelry design services. Let us help you create the perfect piece for yourself or your loved ones.

We are also honored to take on projects involving repurposing a heirloom item from a family member or something you haven’t worn in years.

We want to create the perfect piece for you!

Both Local and Global Services available.


Client Reviews:

I had thought about doing “something” with my mother’s diamonds countless times over the past 7 years since her passing. I showed Andrea the piece of jewelry with the diamonds and explained to her as best I could what I thought I wanted to do. The end goal was to create a delicate diamond necklace that I could wear to feel my mother’s presence everyday. Andrea had the vision, compassion and genuine interest in bringing this project to fruition. Andrea has a fine eye for detail, an understanding of proportion/dimension, a sentimental heart and kept me on track when I wavered and became indecisive. She wanted the final piece of jewelry to be a true reflection of my relationship with my beautiful mother. If you ever have a chance to work with her, don’t pass up the opportunity. Andrea will treat your project as though it were her own. 

Tonya M (San Diego, CA)

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